What We’re Like

whatwelikeAt the valley there isn’t any dress code. Whatever you want to wear is fine by us. Whether it’s jeans, flip flops, and a ball cap or a suit and tie you are welcome here!




At the valley we believe that its not that important what songs are sung so much as God is being praised. That being said we will have music that is relevant to the people we are seeking to reach. Some of our favorite music is from artists like Hillsong, Gungor and David Crowder.



At the valley we like to have fun! Whether it’s during our valley groups, or on Sunday morning during worship. We value the sense of humor as a gift from God and believe you can worship Him with laughter as well as you can through silence and somberness. It’ll definitely be fun!


Who We Are

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Behold – Matt Rothacher

the valley

April 20, 2014



Three Days

threedays Three Days – Matt Rothacher

the valley

April 13, 2014

Redeeming Israel


Redeeming Israel – Matt Rothacher

the valley

April 6, 2014

The Temple and The Tree


The Temple and The Tree – Matt Rothacher

the valley

March 23, 2014