the valley


If you have more than one child, then you know that loving just one would be impossible. Sure the kid who left Legos all over the floor causing you step into excruciating pain when one lodged itself in the underside of your foot isn’t your favorite at the moment, but you still ultimately love them. The thought of only one of them having all of your heart with no room for the others is absolutely absurd. How much more so is God like that. The idea that only our little town or even our state or our country is all that God is worried about. He’s called us to “make disciples of all nations.”

This is admittedly sometimes a challenge, when you live in central Arkansas you don’t really have an easy way to get to the other side of the world. We have learned to be intentional in how we go there. We currently sponsor a missionary family in Turkey who are church planters in Istanbul, partner with a beautiful organization called Forgottensong which empowers war-torn communities by initiating locally led, self-sustainable and reproducible businesses, and also participate each year with Operation Christmas Child where we gather items for six weeks and gather together to pack shoe boxes that send hope to children around the world. We are always looking to tap into more of God’s heart by going there.

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