the valley


Have you ever been on facebook and watched two people having it out in the comments section over a religious status? I cringe every time I see it. I think what bothers me the most is that’s not why we should learn more about Jesus and the Bible. The reason to read and study the Bible is to know Jesus better. In our quest to make disciples for our King, it’s incredible to think that we have His words and actions laid out for us in the Bible. We can watch as Jesus loves those far from God, we can see how he responded to persecution, we can even watch as he fights and dies for our sins. It’s Jesus who want to learn from, to study to drink in deeply. Not so that we can Bible beat someone on facebook, or to outwit the atheist coworker, but so that we can love like he loves. At the valley our Sunday mornings are devoted to seeing Jesus through the word. We study God’s word together with a desire to know more about Jesus so that we will live more like Jesus.

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