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I remember the day I first realized that my children were heretics. My sweet little 2 year old asked in her tiny voice,

“Daddy, we going to church?”

That had never bothered me until I realized that the church is in fact not a building. The word that Jesus uses actually means a people. The truth of the matter is in fact we don’t go to church, we are the church!

At first glance this doesn’t seem like that big a deal, I mean so what if we say we’re going to church? I used to think that too, but then I realized it’s a huge deal! The reason it’s so massively important is that if we just think of going to church then we confine God to a place and even worse to particular time slot on a Sunday morning only in that place. This plays out rather substantially in that we then think that the best way to see someone come to know Jesus in a life changing manner is to bring them to church.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s good to come together and worship the King, I highly recommend it but we’ll get to that in just a second.

What I mean is that if you think that you have to bring someone to a building during a service to show them Jesus then we’re completely ignoring what Jesus wants us to do. He wants you to take Him to them.

When Jesus ascended back to the Father he did so in order that the Spirit would come and dwell in us. Taking us from God with us to God in us. This means that if you are a disciple of Jesus and His spirit dwells in you, where you go, he goes. You go to work, there he goes. You go to school, so does he. You stop by the store for some eggs on the way home, guess what so does he. You see, when we realize that we are the church we begin looking for ways to take Jesus to those that are far from Him instead of just trying to get them to sit through a Sunday service.

This is the power of LIVE. We want to LIVE in community with those far from God. That means, and this is contrary to what I was taught growing up, you actually need to have friends who are lost and don’t know Jesus. In order that you might invest into their life in such a way that they see Jesus’ love for them and will turn to Him for their salvation.

On the other side if you constantly spend your time with lost people and never surround yourselves with people who are chasing after Jesus, you will grow weary and jaded, tired and bitter. You need Godly friends and a body of believers to encourage you and hold you up. To be there when you’re weary and to pick you up when you fall. It’s a balancing act that roots yourself among believers and frees you to chase unbelievers.

So don’t be a heretic like my children and I were, God isn’t confined to a building He’s sent his spirit so that you might take Him to the world you find yourself in. As you are going make disciples, and remember that although it’s simple it’s certainly not easy.

But it most definitely is worth it. Get out there and LIVE

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