the valley


I heard a story recently about a man who went to a foreign country and watched as children stood all day at the spring of a mountain waiting for a chance to gather enough water for their family. I remember thinking that if instead of helping them get the water he were to just tell them about Jesus and how he is the living water their souls need that they very likely would barely even hear him. They couldn’t hear him because of their overwhelming thirst, and need for water.

In our community full of suburbs full of running water and modern conveniences it’s not always as obvious what is standing in the way of seeing Jesus, but we’ve been placed here to help do just that. Serving people through friendship, and hospitality may be the key to someone realizing that God loves them. Or mowing a neighbors yard may show them the have value and are worth being served. Likewise serving someone unprompted often begs the question why? Which is a question that has a deep and wonderful answer. We have a King who laid everything down for us, he came not to be served but to serve us by laying his life down for us.

We use the term Serve Here because we’ve been called first and foremost to those we live among. In our case it’s the amazing little community of Vilonia. It doesn’t make sense for us to spend the bulk of our time and energy into serving Chicago, mainly because we aren’t in Chicago. We are called to serve here and we plan to do that in as many unique ways as possible.

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