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MattHey, Thanks for checking us out, my name is Matt and it’s my privilege to get to lead the valley church. I know if you’re looking for a place to worship with your family it’s a big decision that you shouldn’t take lightly, and I’m honored that you’ve even stopped by to check us out.

Here’s a little about me:

I grew up in Titusville Florida on the space coast and moved to Arkansas in 2001 to be a youth pastor. I married my beautiful wife Julie in 2004 and our family began expanding in 2008 when Maggie entered the world, fast-forward five years and we’ve got three more (Izzie, Jamin and Ellie) which keeps you busy but also overflowing with joy.

I never planned on being a pastor but in November of 2011 God lead me to plant the valley in Vilonia (You can see the video we filmed right after we told our church here). I was definitely shocked that this was the next chapter of our journey with Jesus which is probably why the valley is more like youth ministry for grown ups. It’s definitely some of the most fun I’ve ever had in ministry, We’ve tried to create a place where you can be yourself, you can wear your shorts and flip flops or you suit and tie and no one will judge you. You can relax, get comfortable and even laugh, in fact I love to hear our folks laughing, and take the chances I have to encourage that.

I love the opportunity to get to stand up and teach the Word of God and do my best to help it come to life in the lives of those I get to speak to, I also try to use whatever means necessary to bring the scripture to life. So that being said if an umbrella or a mannequin or a goat best helps communicate the Word then we’re going to have it. I’m certainly not perfect and honestly there are days that I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing but those are the days that I rely on the promises of Jesus and follow Him further out of my comfort zone.

That’s a little glimpse into who I am, I’d love to know who you are so if you’re considering coming to visit please do.

Thanks again for checking us out,


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