the valley

What Drives Us

What Drives Us

Our mantra at the valley is that we are called to make disciples, and we do that by being ministers of reconciliation. The best illustration we have for that is this:

Have you ever put together a puzzle? I mean like a big puzzle? Now imagine you are nearing the end of the puzzle and you look down and see the last piece lying there. But when you look up at the puzzle instead of having just the one piece left to complete it you see it’s still missing two. Whbok choy (1)at do you do? Well if you’re like me you panic and then you begin to search for the missing piece. You look under the table and around the area you’ve been working and hopefully you find the piece that is lying where it doesn’t belong and you put it back where it belongs in the puzzle. You reconcile it, you unite it with the whole. The Bible┬ásays that God is reconciling the world back to Himself through Jesus and he’s letting us play a part in that by giving us the ministry of reconciliation. It’s our job to represent the Kingdom of Heaven and help bring the lost pieces back to the whole, in other words we’re going after those far from God in order that they might know the reason they’ve been created; to love God and enjoy Him forever.



Now we know lots of churches that desire to do this and they have a plan that’s unique for them, and we have a plan that’s unique for us. That plan is to LIVE, LEARN, SERVE HERE, and GO THERE. We filter everything we do through this strategy and pray God will grant us favor as we seek to make disciples of Jesus in Vilonia and beyond.


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